How to Work Towards a Better Sex Life Recommend By Asian Escorts in Las Vegas

Engage in More Captivating Foreplay

One of the reasons most people fail to experience better sex is because they rush things. By indulging in mind blowing foreplay, you will generate incredible mutual arousal. This will definitely lead to a great sex. Simple acts like touching, rubbing your bodies together, kissing, licking the sensitive areas and oral sex can work magic when it comes to your sex experience.

Use Lubes

Dryness of the vagina or the anus can easily cause discomfort and spoil the fun during sex. Applying lubricants will help ease the tension and make the experience more pleasurable. Lubes can also be applied on the body during foreplay or used in other ways to enhance arousal. However, you should ask your doctor about the best lubricants to use with your partner.

Have Sex in Different Positions

Trying different sex positions with your partner will go a long way in making your sex life more interesting. For instance, thrusting your partner from behind can lead to faster and multiple orgasms.

Implementing these ideas will definitely improve your sex life. Nevertheless, you should share them with your partner to ensure that you are on the same page.

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